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Compact extraction systems

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Compact extraction systems
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Complete Compact Extraction Systems

Complete compact extraction systems with stand, heating module, mount, hoses and glassware (round-bottom reaction flask, extractor, Dimroth condenser for extraction). Infinitely variable energy control. After the extraction cycle the compact systems drain the solvent through a drain cock at the extractor directly into the reservoir.

Available with Euro Schuko or UK wall power supply.

Compact systems for the Soxhlet extraction


Article description


MXT 30

for the 30-ml extraction D00000043
MXT 60 for the 60-ml extraction D00000251

MXT 100

for the 100-ml extraction D00000044

MXT 250

for the 250-ml extraction D00000045

MXT 500

for the 500-ml extraction D00000046
MXT 30 S for the 30-ml extraction with stopcock D00000047
MXT 60 S
for the 60-ml extraction with stopcock D00000252

MXT 100 S

for the 100-ml extraction with stopcock D00000048

MXT 250 S

for the 250-ml extraction with stopcock D00000049
MXT 500 S for the 500-ml extraction with stopcock D00000050